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Tesla Detail Package

A package that is design for all Tesla and EVs 

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Tesla Certify Detailing Expert

Tesla Package




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Ceramic infused Shampoo foam hand wash of all paintwork, glass, plastic and emblems

Rims/wheels/wheel/tires cleaned and tires dressed to satin finish 

Door jambs, trunk jambs and gas cap will be brushed and cleaned

Paint is decontaminated with full clay bar treatment, Finish with Hydrophobic and high gloss S0.02 compound finish for 6+ months of protection

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All carpets, mats, upholstery and trunk is fully vacuumed, scrubbed and steam treated; stains will be spot treated with hot water extraction

Dash, console and all vinyl is dusted/cleaned and restored with a high grade UV protectant

Windows are cleaned streak free

Leather seat will be  lightly scrubbed, steam cleaned and conditioned/Fabric seat shampooed and sterilized


Sedan & Coupe



Mid Size SUV (2 Rows)


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Full Size SUV (3 Rows)


Tesla Expert that comes to your location

Tesla, along with numerous other electric car manufacturers, strongly advises against using regular automated car washes for your vehicle. It's crucial to avoid the risk of potential scratches and significant damage to your brand new Tesla. Entrusting your precious vehicle to a "soft-touch" car wash or any similar method could result in unsightly marks or even cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Safeguard the beauty and integrity of your new Tesla by opting for car care methods that prioritize its delicate nature.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model 3

Your Car Is Always In Good Hands With Viper Car Detailing
So, Why Viper Car Detailing?

Over 5 years of combine experience and trusted by over 10 local businesses and thousands of customers

We use the ECO friendly ways to get your car washed or detailed

We provide a full range of services to make Viper Car Detailing your one -stop place for any detailing related needs

Our friendly and professionally trained Viper Crew can only provide the highest quality of service

We're conveniently located and 100% mobile ready


We are a fully mobile auto detailing company. We come to your location.





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